Comeback of ‘The King of Indian Roads’.

From the past few days, a piece of news is circulating over the internet that, Hindustan Motor’s Ambassador is making a comeback. It might be true might be false, but let’s look at some facts and try to guess if it is coming back, what changes it should have.

            Hindustan Motors Ltd.’s most successful car was Ambassador (Amby). It was the people’s car of India. Once upon a time, it was a status symbol for the upper-class people. There was a time when the Ambassador ruled all over India for this it is also known as ‘The King of Indian Roads’. Ambassador was in the production line from 1958 to 2014. After 2014 the production stopped. In 2017, HM sold the rights of Ambassador to a French automobile company Peugeot for 70 Cr.

Let’s try to figure out for what reasons Ambassador failed:

  1. Round and Bulky design: By the time of early 2000 Maruti Suzuki, Honda, Hyundai these companies’ sharp, light and small designed cars became most peoples’ favourite.
  2. Lack of Innovation: When all other companies were introducing cars as per peoples’ choice, HM sticked with the same design from 1958 with very minor changes.
  3. Lack of engine power: The Ambassador was huge, bulky as well as heavy so to get the acceleration like Maruti or Honda the engine power and transmission should have got more power.
  4. Poor Marketing: After re-launching the ambassador with BS-IV complied engine, HM failed to do the marketing as needed. In my opinion it was a big mistake as well.

Future Of Ambassador:

If the news is true, HM & Peugeot are collaborating and re-launching the Ambassador for the Indian market then it is good news for Amby lovers.

But is it possible?

Well, I can’t say it is impossible. The Ambassador ruled for over 50 years and became the people’s car. In other countries, it’s been seen that the old model peoples’ cars got a new avatar and made a comeback like Volkswagen’s Beetal in Germany & Mini Cooper in England. By this reference, we can expect that New Ambassador will make the comeback in the luxury & iconic car segment.            

We can assume that Peugeot & HM will collaborate like Hyundai-KIA or Volkswagen-Skoda. And as per the news Peugeot started work in HM’s Chennai manufacturing plant.

If Ambassador comeback, then which segment should it Enter?

Ambassador should re-launch in all segments like petrol, diesel, CNG and EV as well. Nowadays people are accepting EVs. Manufacturers should also ready with new engines in which Indian-Government are planning to use the mixture of ethanol and petrol. It will give the car a advantage in marketing.

My opinion about relaunching the Ambassador:

I personally like the Ambassador very much. In my childhood, I travelled a lot in our Ambassador for this reason I definitely have a soft corner. If I stand neutral, then also I find that this car should come back sooner or later. Many Indians have an emotional value with this car.

– By Shubhradwip Paul

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  1. Good research
    But I will be happy if amby comes back with a new avatar like beetle.
    It will look so cool .

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